Free-Roam Dog Daycare

Temperament Testing

What is temperament testing?

It is simply a way of evaluating your dog to make sure that he or she can fit-in with other dogs in free-roam daycare. Having fun, being happy and relaxed, and the ability to play well with the group is essential — temperament testing helps us determine your dog’s compatibility.

  • No charge – it’s a FREE service
  • It takes about 10 minutes
  • Test is done at time of drop-off

What are we looking for?

While we recognize that your dog is in unfamiliar surroundings, and may be feeling anxious, we need to evaluate how your dog might behave with the pack.

We consider your dog’s stress level – and use the test results to decide how we can best care for your pet.

What are we evaluating?

  • Confidence
  • Friendliness
  • Level of aggression
  • Food/Prey drive

When you and your dog arrive

We will take your dog for a walk and introduce him or her to the daycare group inside a fenced area. During this time, we will be watching to see how he responds to the environment.

We need to be confident that your dog is reacting in a way that is appropriate and safe for the other dogs and handlers.

Your dog will likely be a good fit unless it displays any of these signs…

  • Unprovoked aggression
  • Panic it doesn’t recover from
  • Strong avoidance