Doggy Daycare

in Cedar City, Utah

What do dogs do when they come to Red Rover Retreat for daycare?
They play! They romp with their friends! They use up lots of energy!
They leave happy dogs!

Your Dog Could Be Having Fun in Daycare… Just Like These Guys!

Your Dog Will Thank You!

Doggy daycare “free-roam style” is a low stress alternative to kennel style daycare.
The benefits to your dog and you of this popular boarding option are numerous.
Our trained, caring staff will make sure your dog enjoys plenty of play time and
healthy interaction with other dogs in a fun and safe environment.
Why not give doggy daycare a try? It just may be a perfect fit for your dog!

Spay and Neuter Dogs


Dogs staying for daycare must be spayed or neutered at 9-months of age or younger. Proof from your vet is required. This new policy has been adopted to maintain harmony and for the protection of your furry friends.

  • Unneutered male dogs tend to mark their territory by spraying strong-smelling urine throughout the daycare area, are attracted to females, tend to mount other dogs, and frequently display other aggressive behaviors toward dogs in the group.
  • Unspayed female dogs attract aggressive behaviors from male dogs, and when in heat, are at high risk for pregrenancy.