Spay and Neuter Dogs


Dogs staying for daycare must be spayed or neutered at 9-months of age or younger. Proof from your vet is required. This new policy has been adopted to maintain harmony and for the protection of your furry friends.

  • Unneutered male dogs tend to mark their territory by spraying strong-smelling urine throughout the daycare area, are attracted to females, tend to mount other dogs, and frequently display other aggressive behaviors toward dogs in the group.
  • Unspayed female dogs attract aggressive behaviors from male dogs, and when in heat, are at high risk for pregrenancy.
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We've Gone Paperless!

We’ve come out of the dark ages — we’ve gone paperless! And we’re asking all of our customers to register online now.

What does this mean for you, your pet and us?

  • Convenience!
  • You can schedule daycare, boarding, and grooming through the online owner portal, or mobile app
  • Contracts and vaccination records are all stored in the cloud for easy access
  • We can manage and assign space for your pet(s) based on the information you provide to ensure your dog or cat has the best accommodations possible

And this is just a snapshot of the advantages!

To register online, click the button below. It’s easy… it won’t take long… and you only have to do it one time.

Dog daycare free-roam style is a low stress alternative to kennel style doggy daycare. The benefits to your dog and you of this ever growing boarding option are numerous, and just may be a great fit for your dog!

What is Dog Daycare Free-Roam Style?

Dog daycare free-roam style is an option that provides a safe environment for your dog that allows it to freely roam and interact with other dogs during its stay with us.

Dogs are social animals and it’s natural for them to be in a group. So, boarding your dog in a free-roam environment gives it the opportunity to join with other dogs, and this improves their social skills and helps them better able to read the body language of other dogs. Improving their social skills helps them become more confident, stable and mentally healthy.

Advantages and Benefits

Investing in dog daycare means peace of mind for you and quality care for your pup:

  • Low stress, low anxiety boarding
  • Physical exercise and mental stimulation through play and interaction with the group
  • Your dog is happier hanging out with its fur-buddies
  • Your dog misses you less while you’re away
  • Less guilt – more peace of mind for you

Supervision and Care

Your pet is top-priority to us, so to make sure its stay is a happy experience for both of you, we go to great lengths to make sure your dog is as safe and secure as possible.

One of the first things we do is test for temperment and behavior to ensure that your dog is a good fit with the group.

If we feel that your dog is a good fit, we  introduce it to the group within a gated area before it gets walked into the free-roam group.

Once inside, the dogs are supervised at all times by one or more of our caring, reliable, trained team members who will not only care for your dog, they will note any behavioral issues that may arise, and make you aware of them.

In the event that any dog has trouble in the group, it will be placed in a kennel for the remainder of its stay, for its safety, as well as the safety of the group.

Free-Roam Daycare is Not for Every Dog

For this style of daycare to run smoothly, dogs need to be socialized and able to function harmoniously within the group. If your dog is not well socialized, it can be disruptive and unsafe for the entire group. For this reason, we temperment test to make certain your dog is safe and happy in a group setting.

Although free-roam daycare may not be a good fit today, your dog is still welcome! We have comfortable kennels for dogs that aren’t ready for group daycare.

Dog daycare free-roam style is a great option for your dog and you when you’re away. While dogs are social creatures, not every dog is suited for this style of daycare — and that’s perfectly okay!

We’re happy to speak with you about doggy daycare, or any of our services, so please feel free to contact us to learn more!

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